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I’m Miguel Peralta

Freelance Creative Web Designer

About Me

18″ vertical leap.

Passionate and curious about design, people, and business, the favorite part of my career has been the people that I’ve had the honor to work with during my time as a designer. Yup. That’s me with Too $hort.

I spent a week with Jack Canfield a few years ago. He refused to trade shirts with me. That guy in the background is named Tom. He was Canadian.

My Skills

I know how to make stickers. So, yknow, if you need stickers, call me.

  • posing with chicks
  • computer stuff
  • jokes and sarcasm
  • bar graphs

Need a WordPress guy?

My Clients

“Miguel is a true joy to work with! My experience working with Miguel couldn’t be more perfect. He is extremely smart, unbelievably creative, and a great person. He is definitely the guy to go for your website.”

Heather Finnegan

Owner, School Takeover

“Miguel is a business saavy designer/manager with a winning attitude and fresh vibe. His work speaks for itself. I would reccomend Miguel to all my associates”

Desi Aragon

Owner, Awesoos, Inc.

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(520) 955-9188

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